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Service: 5 Stars Total Experience: 5 Stars Will Recommend: 5 Stars Excellent Company Excellent, excellent, excellent!

I am very glad and thankful I chose RealtyConnect as my management company for my property in Plymouth, MN. I am a landlord who resides in another state. RealtyConnect has made life so much easier for us in the past few years. For any questions, Erik always replies my emails in hours. In terms of fixing issues, the communication and action are fast. Erik sometimes goes to the property in person to make sure things are fine over there. They have a way to screen for good candidates and I never have any problem with rent. For the latest case, Erik has found a new tenant for me even before the current tenant moves out (in about 2 weeks) and eliminates the vacancy period. I have worked with other management companies (though in California) and none come even close to what RealtyConnect provides in terms of quality service. I want to share my good experience here and wish RealtyConnect a great success moving forward! Source: web Location: Fremont, CA

Zhen Jin

Thank you Chrissy Fallon Thank you to Chrissy for the wonderful help and answering all my questions.

Taking a stressful situation and helping ease the concerns. Wonderful experience. Thank you, as I enjoy coffee in my new home!

Kyle T

"Erik was friendly and patient, even as we toured home after home in various parts of Plymouth.

We were ecstatic after finding our dream home, then discovered the seller was a nightmare! Erik was super responsive and helped us maneuver numerous hoops with Seller and lender, all with a smile. Happily we now live in our dream home and we have erik to thank."

Erik Laine

Absolutely the best experience you could expect!

Laurie was such a wonderful professional realtor. I don't think oue sale would have closed without her very able handling of a very difficult purchaser. A very capable real estate professional that I would not hesitate to recommend 110%. She helped us sell our residence while finding us a new home with grace and aplomb. Not to mention a great lady and terrific person!


It was clear as we worked with Erik that he was the best - he knew his game, was respectful, responsive, and real.

We had one of those selling experiences with difficult buyers where at the end, it was clear to me that we couldn't have done it without Erik's expertise and finesse.


To make it simple and easy, Erik is great at his job!

He knows all local contacts extremely well. It took him no time to find a buyer for this recent sale. Erik and his team fully understand, clearly communicate and comfortably guide you through the whole process.He is amazingly responsive, knowledgeable and insightful. I highly recommend Erik Laine.


Erik was absolutely awesome!

Working with Erik was great! He was extremely helpful, prompt in response, explained things thoroughly so I understood everything that was going on. He was knowledgeable. He listened to my needs and wants. He truly had my best interest the entire step of the way. Thank you Erik!!!

Danella Thompson

Erik is very outgoing and personable.

He gave honest answers and if we asked a question he didn't know the answer to was quick to find out what he could . He was very flexible with his time and always available when we needed to look at a property, and was super quick on answering emails and texts.


Service: 5 Stars Total Experience: 5 Stars Will Recommend: 5 Stars Great experience Buying a new house is not so easy but I thank Erik Laine for his dedication and support to make it easy for me.

My family has decided to move from small house to four bedroom house. We have spent three months in search of a good yet affordable house but didn’t make it happen. Later I got to know about Realty Connect and Erik has solved our problem without any hassle.

Matteo Cornali

The Dream Team was great in explaining the process of buying a home and putting us touch with the right people to get us approved for the least out of pocket possible.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a new home!

Belinda Johnson

The Dream Team was great and easy to work with.

They did a fabulous job of finding tenants and making the whole process smooth. I would definitely recommend this business for any of your real estate or renting needs!

Alex Gibbons

Neal and the Dream Team were very professional.

They really took the time to help us find our home! They really know their stuff and are very fast at updating information. I am so please to have met such a great team that cared and took the time to help us.Thank you!

Brandie Schaff

The Dream Team helped me rent a Single Family home in Andover, MN.

They are excellent when it comes to putting homes and people together. They found us several homes that fit our needs, and were always available to show them. We found the perfect house, at the perfect time, and are and have worked with great people through the entire process. There is no doubt about it, we will be purchasing the home they helped us find, and I would/do/will recommend him for anyone looking for a home to buy, rent, or rent until you're sure you want to, or are able to buy. The Dream Team is the best to get you on your way to purchasing just the right welcome mat for your new home.

Kevin Pedtz

Chrissy did an excellent job!

John Goetz

Service: 5 Stars Total Experience: 5 Stars Will Recommend: 5 Stars First Home Buyer Laurie Twiehaus Laurie was a FANTASTIC realtor!

She made the process to easy and was SO helpful! I will work with her in the future and recommend her to ANYONE ! Thank you Source: web Location: Elk River, MN

Michael Nelson

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